Workbooks Done

The workbooks are done for our NSU class coming up Sunday on “How to Read the Bible for All It’s Worth.” I had a lot of help putting them together, but I think we will have enough on Sunday. I sort of went overboard on putting together material for the class. I feel like we can cover it all, but there are a lot of freebies in the material that I wanted to give to everyone coming to the class. I gained so much when someone taught me about the context of minor prophets, or the differences between the gospels, or the importance of God’s name in Scripture, that I had a hard time leaving any of that stuff out! So I really put together a manual full of some tips that people taught me on how to correctly read and interpret the Bible. We have enough as of right now for the class. If you are planning on coming and haven’t signed up online yet, we really would appreciate you doing that so that we have enough workbooks. So sign up here!


For those in the class, I am going to recommend a book to go along with the class for the next six weeks. It is by Gordon Fee and Douglas Stuart entitled How to Read the Bible for All It’s Worth.


You don’t have to read this book to be in the class. You won’t be lost if you come to class and you haven’t done anything outside of our meeting together. But…if you really want some of these principles to stick with you, I will have some recommended chapters to read each week. There is so much to go over, we all have a better chance of retention of we study this more than just the hour and a half each week. If you want to get this book, you can get it in the Bookstore at North Side (which by the way, proceeds go to Global Impact Partnerships of North Side – so when you buy anything there or at the Junction Coffee Shop, you are actually raising money for missions!).

Our class will start Sunday @ 5:30 pm and we will be meeting in the Worship Center’s Auditorium. If you are in another class, there will be maps at the info desk outside the Auditorium. So just get there a few minutes earlier on Sunday, and we will steer you in the right place. Can’t wait till Sunday!

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