O.N.E. Festival Fond Memories

Thanks to the peeps who came out on Friday night to worship with us at the O.N.E. festival.  We had a blast throwing our stuff on that stage, playing six songs really fast, getting excited with you guys, and then throwing our stuff back into Jamie’s minivan, and going to listen to some hip-hop at the next tent over.  I think the guys’ group name is God Craft.  They came over and worshipped with us for a while, and then we got to watch them go – they were so great.   I found my calling.  I want to be a DJ.  I want to turn loose on some turntables, but alas, my skin is white.  But the guy scratching for them was white too, so there is still hope America.  One day, I will be hip-hop.  One day.

If you’re not with them at the fairgrounds tomorrow morning, we’d love to see you at North Side.  I wonder if God Craft has their Sundays free…