2008 Wrapped Up

You are not reading incorrectly.  2008 is all wrapped up.

The picture above is of the whiteboard in my office.  On this whiteboard is 52 weeks of big ideas for teaching at North Side designed for 2008.  We spent a long time praying, studying, thinking, and talking about where North Side is spiritually and what the Bible says about those areas.

I am so excited about next year!  We have on tap a marriage series focusing on biblical couples, a book study of Ecclesiastes, a series on money, a series on the sins nobody wants to talk about, the most neglected command in the Bible, and a whole bunch of other great biblical teaching material.  I am so excited about it.  I think about a week submerged in God’s Word and praying about how to teach it has gotten me so much in love with his Word and his instruction for our lives.  I am already praying for 2008 and all that God is going to do at North Side, in Greenwood, and to the ends of the earth.