Just for Epic Parents

EPIC Parents:

I wanted to tell any parents of our lil’ Epicteers about a great new resource for your family. Polly Brown, our fantastic Epic director, has posted some info on what your kids are learning for the next few weeks at Epic. Epic is our worship service for 1-5 graders, and I love hearing from kids all that they are learning and how much they love to come to church! Imagine that: rather than falling asleep or connecting the dots during church, they anticipate it as one of their most favorite times of the week!


Our goal as a church is to supplement what you do at home rather than vice versa. We know that the greatest discipleship plan is for families to be teaching the foundations of living for Christ and we can help out in that process, but it gets scary when parents drop their kids off at a church building and expect church leaders to grow them up in Christ. The most impacting spiritual lessons, positive or negative, come out of the home.

Because of that fact, we are going to regularly be posting what the lessons are in church so that you can focus their hearts, minds, and attentions on the one thing for the week. You can review with them after Sunday or you can prepare them for what they will learn this week. Wouldn’t it be great if you could have spiritual conversations with your kids and actually get them thinking about it before they came to church, and in the car leaving the church, you can follow up and see their progress. So you can get the next few weeks by going to this site.

Here is this week’s sample:

We just began a new series in EPIC called, “Super Sports Spectacular.” Throughout this series your child will be learning ways they can be an effective member of God’s Team. Each Sunday we will be looking at the life of the Apostles and learning by their examples how we can best serve on God’s Team! To help you keep up with what we are learning in EPIC, below is a brief summary of what we are doing each Sunday.
November 4th:
Summary- Children’s lives get very busy! From school, to sports games, to dance or gymnastics, our children are constantly on the go. However, despite their busy schedules, children still need to know and understand the importance of putting God first in their life. This week in EPIC we will be learning the importance of making spending time with God a priority in life. Your child will be encouraged to spend time reading God’s Word every day. In an effort to get your child to establish a daily quiet time, we are providing every child in EPIC with a free devotional book that is written just for kids!

Parent Challenge: I encourage you to do the devotions with your child, as it will provide a wonderful opportunity to spend time with God together during the week as a family!

Bible Story: To help us in learning about the importance of spending time with God, we will be studying the story of Mary & Martha in Luke 10:38-41.

Memory Verse: This week’s memory verse will be James 4:8a: “Come close to God, and God will come close to you.” (NLT).