I’m Afraid of the Old Testament

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Session 5 of NSU was Sunday night in our Hermeneutics class. This week we dealt with the Law and the Prophets in the session: “I’m Afraid of the Old Testament.”

Remember: the Law was given to show that it was impossible for them to keep it – even in the OT, people were desperate for grace and a Savior. The prophets rarely foretold the future they more often pointed back to the Law and told people if they didn’t obey what God already said, they were going to experience trouble.

I appreciate it the comments on the Hebrew names and such. I hope understanding the different names of God will help you in your Bible reading. Remember the names that end with “el” have something to do with God, and the names ending in “ah” have something to do with the covenantal name of God, Yahweh or “I AM WHO I AM.” For those in attendance, you heard my pick for a son’s name from the minor prophets. What a name! Worshipper of Yahweh!