Consumerism Christmas Commences

Amanda and I probably got 87.7% of our Christmas gifts bought today! And what’s even more amazing is that we never left Greenwood! I know – it is unheard of but tis true. It was fun and not too crazy, but we had our budget, and we started working down the list and we were pretty happy with all that we found today. Plus, after all I ate over Thanksgiving, I needed to do some moving around to work off some of that weight.

Something I noticed during our voyage today – consumerism Christmas has commenced! I’ve always noticed at how crazy it gets as we near Christmas, but it seems like it gets a little more crazy ever year. I think the stores started putting up Christmas decorations in early October this year. We’re getting fewer days to say thanks during Thanksgiving because we are already having door-buster sales getting ready for what we can get next.

I think since lil’ Baby Agnew is on the way, it’s made me think a lot about what next year will be when he/she gets here. As I walked through the stores today, I began to notice children who were throwing temper tantrums because they couldn’t get what they wanted right then. The kids who you could tell had so much already were demanding more and more and some parents were giving in.

Now, I’m not a parent yet. So, I understand any claims I make now might be null and void in a few months, but I really want to try to guard my child from selfish consumerism. I think when my child is old enough to start demanding more is the time when we are going to take a little trip. I will want to take my child to the homes Amanda and I went to on Thanksgiving to deliver Meals on Wheels. I want them to see the conditions in which people in Greenwood live. I want them to understand how blessed we are and how so many people in this world are barely getting by. The front doors with the holes in them. The clothes that are hanging on by threads. The bills that can’t be paid for. The situations that seem hopeless. And I want them to see it at an early age not to depress them, but to keep them grounded.

I know I’m getting a little ahead, but I want to take my family to do Meals on Wheels together. I want my kids to have a part in giving back to kids who aren’t as fortunate as they are. I want them early to always be reminded that this life is not about them, but about others. I think if we all were compassionately reminded that we are not the center of the universe, we might be able to do this world some good. Maybe this “holiday season,” we can revive Christmas and give something back. Lead your family – do something to remind this world that Jesus is alive!  What are you going to lead your family to do this Christmas season to give back?

meals on wheels