Writing is Hard Work

I never thought it would be easy, but writing a book takes a whole bunch of work.  I mean a whole lot.  When I preach, I get one shot at it, and if I mess up, that’s the way it is going down in people’s memory bank.  No reset button.  The problem with writing is I can always spend more time on it.  I can always scrutinize semantical choices or labor over a progression of thought.  I can beat this thing to death that by the time I am done, I am sick of it.

Hopefully, that won’t happen.  I am still writing on my Freshman 15 book.  As of right now, I have completed 68 pages of writing.  That equals out to 25,751 words.  I’m getting there slowly.  I’ve been getting some feedback from people, and I am sure now that this is something that God wants me to do – I’m just having to be intentional yet realistic by when I can get it done.

The chapters are as follows:

  1. The One Thing
  2. The Worldview
  3. The Entourage
  4. The Date
  5. The Purity
  6. The Party Scene
  7. The Church Hop
  8. The Outreach
  9. The Influencers
  10. The Budget
  11. The Classroom
  12. The Time
  13. The Family
  14. The World
  15. The Will

Each chapter is one of those pounds that either makes or breaks a college student attempting to live for Christ.  In an attempt to give God glory, or weight, those areas have got to have Christ as the center.

I  would love if you could pray for me in this endeavor.  I need some prayer partners.  If you would like to partner with me in this ministry endeavor, please just print off the prayer requests below.  I would also love to know if you are praying, so you can just comment on this post to say you are praying or even write your prayer out!  Here’s what to pray for:

1:  Pray that I will be able to write in such a way that will grab students’ attention.
2:  Pray that I will be wise in my time so that I can get this done by the end of March.
3:  Pray that God grant me wisdom on how to biblically address the issues college students are facing.
4:  Pray that this book keep many college students growing in Christ during college.

Also, if you want to “sponsor” a chapter through prayer, comment on this blog what chapter that you will specifically be praying for concerning its development.

Thanks again for your help.

6 thoughts on “Writing is Hard Work”

  1. Travis,

    I’m glad to hear that you are writing. I’m going to take Chapter one if that’s ok. If you have any other requests beyond the four let me know.

  2. Travis I will pray over chapter 6. God bless you for doing this. I think many parents will be blessed through this book not just young people

  3. Travis- I will pray for the chapter on the family. Thanks for being faithful to God’s calling.I will buy 3 copies.

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