Baby Agnew is a…

Today was the day that Amanda and I went for the ultrasound. We were really anxious this morning and woke up real early. I went and took Amanda to school so we could ride together. I’ll have to be honest – we were totally unbiased about whether or not it was a boy or a girl. There are so many things that I love about both options, I’m just so impatient and curious that I was dying to know.

So, we’re in the ultrasound room. And when the nurse puts the instrument on Amanda’s belly, there was a flash of a bunch of different images, and then all of a sudden – I saw it. That precious, fast-moving lil’ heart moving at 140-150 bpms. It was amazing! At first I thought she was moving the instrument a bunch because “it” was moving so fast. But then I realized that Baby Agnew is just that stinking hyper. It was turning flips, boxing in the air, and shoving its feet above its head. She measured the specs on the baby, and everything was going good and looking very healthy.  It is just crazy to watch something so small be so active and so put together.

God is a genius.  He’s an amazing Creator.  I don’t see how anyone can be an atheist and be around the birth of a child – it’s too much!  I was just overwhelmed at seeing that little baby moving as fast as it was.  At one point, it even turned and faced the “camera” and I felt like it was looking at us.

And then she stated, “do you guys have a preference about what you have?”

“Nope. We just want something healthy.”

“Do you want to find out?”

“Yep. Can you tell what it is?”

“Yes, I can.”

“How sure are you?”

“Oh, I’m sure. You’re having a little boy.”

Amanda and I just looked at each other and teared up and were just simply overwhelmed. I’ll be honest with you – Amanda and I have been sure it has been a boy for a while now. I don’t now why. We just were (I’ll post on part of the reason later). We would be thrilled either way – but we just felt it was a boy. Jeff also thought it was a boy and promised a years supply of diapers if he was wrong.

I kinda wished he had been wrong for the diaper sake.

I’ve got so much else to say on what I am thinking right now, so I’ll probably post later tonight when I can put my little boy’s picture up for you to see. Plus, we’ve already got the name picked out, and I’ll tell you it in a little bit! Thanks so much for all your prayers and calls today – it’s been awesome. I’ll be back in a little bit.

Baby Agnew is a boy!!!!

baby agnew

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