Fusion is Starting Back!

I am so excited about Fusion starting back on Tuesday.  Greenwood began to feel normal again when I saw all the Lander students back in church on Sunday, but having everyone together tomorrow night will even be better cause we’ll have some time to catch up!  If you are a college student or 20-something in the Greenwood area, we would love for you to come to our worship gathering Tuesday night @ 7:30.  We are going to meet in the Junction Coffee Shop in North Side’s worship center.

We are starting a series tomorrow night entitled “Resolution.”  Normally, I have series planned out very detailed, but this time I don’t so much.  I know where I’m going, but I don’t know how long it is going to take to get there, but I am committed to staying in this mode for a long time.

At New Years, we always give plenty of resolutions that we try to keep for a few days and then feel guilty when we mess them up, but I want to propose a resolution for all our Fusioneers tomorrow night: “So help me God, I will grow spiritually in 2008.”  Too many times I have hoped that I will just automatically grow in my walk with Christ without ever putting forth any effort.  We don’t take spiritual disciplines seriously and we don’t take the initiation to grow ourselves.

Let me propose something else up: your life is perfectly organized to get the spiritual results you are currently achieving.  Sounds profound, doesn’t it?  Well, it is the more you think about it.  Are you tired of where you are spiritually?  If you are, what have you done to change it?  You are getting the current results due to your current practices.

But just like the resolution of losing weight, if no one tells you how to shed the pounds, you can’t do it.  So I don’t want to inspire you at Fusion to start a quiet time, or how to grow in Christ.

I want to show you how.

And we’re going to camp out there for a while until we can equip you in such a way that you could grow in Christ even if you were isolated stranded on a deserted island.

So help me God, I will grow spiritually in 2008.

Hope to see you there.

Passion tickets will also go on sale at Fusion tomorrow with a $25 deposit.