Submission According to Huckabee

If you didn’t get to see the GOP Presidential debate in Myrtle Beach, SC last night, it was another interesting display of banter between the Republican candidates. One of the most culturally-informing moments of the debate last night was when one of the moderators asked former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee about a statement of faith he signed with members of the Southern Baptist Convention concerning the family. It centered particularly around the gracious submission of a wife to a husband.

Huckabee made a quick comment about how “religion is off-limits” normally unless it pertains to him. It is true. Candidates have been blasted for making fun of Mit Romney’s Mormon beliefs (Jesus and the devil are brothers, an actual belief of Mormonism, is a constant line of this race). Since he’s a Mormon, moderators never ask him a question.

But what do they do concerning an ordained Southern Baptist minister? They ask him questions about his faith all the time. And they even ask questions anticipating to cause him grief – like last night concerning the biblical doctrine of submission which is often misunderstood.

I am not officially supporting any particular candidate. But I am commending Huckabee on his stance and truthful answer. He even started to preach about marriage at the end, but suprisingly, they cut him off.

Enjoy this moment:

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