Inevitable Change

Thanks so much to all of you who came out to our 5:00 service Sunday night. So sorry for any of you who didn’t get the news and came out this morning. Here was all the stuff that led to the decision:

  • There was some snow, but alot of slush in the roads last night.
  • It was going below freezing and not getting above freezing point until Sunday at noon.
  • We have sloping parking lots that can cause some serious slipping.
  • A lot of our parking lots were away from the sun and can keep some pockets of ice.
  • People start coming at 7:30 on Sunday mornings, and we were worried about someone slipping in the road for a wreck or slipping in the parking lot and breaking a hip.
  • We made the call to the news and such.
  • We updated the website at 8:30.
  • We called the TV stations and put the news up, but GOP primaries were taking up the bottom of the screen until 11:00pm.
  • Rick came up here this morning and said about half of our parking lots were full sheets of ice.
  • I wondered how many bump-ups would be in the parking lot and wondered how “full of Christ” people could remain in the church parking lot with a car sliding into their paint job on their car.

So, I think we made the right call for the safety of our members. To better get the word out, always check our website. We were even thinking about getting everyone to submit their emails so that if we need to send an email news blip during circumstances like that. We’ll see what we can do to better inform you. Next time, hopefully the GOP race will be more considerate.

Jeff’s message was timely as always. In a world of inevitable change while we try to find satisfaction, it gets harder and harder as things just seem to be out of our control.  Its good to know who does hold the future even when it seems uncertain.  We go through seasons of life that change, but if we continue to find our satisfaction in those things, we will never find it.  We can only find it through our relationship with God.

We worshipped to the following songs:

  •  Blessed Be Your Name – Matt Redman
  • Never Let God – Matt Redman
  • Glorious – Chris Tomlin
  • How Great is Our God – Chris Tomlin
  • It is Well

I hadn’t planned on doing “It is Well,” but something was wrong with the computer so it was a last minute call.  But how can you do anything more powerful than that song?  It is great to know in the moments of life change, we can say “it is well with my soul.”

Trav on piano