Erskine’s Entourage

I was so glad to be able to preach at Erskine’s chapel today. Thanks to Paul Patrick for the invite. I always have a great time when I get to come to Erskine. Many of you Due Westers have been coming to North Side as of late, and I am hoping to get to know you guys some more, so I was really excited to be in the metropolis of Due West today.

I talked about the need for a good entourage today. The people that we allow to get close to us in life do affect how we live without a doubt. Usually, people only hear their parents talk about the need to choose friends wisely, but I have found that it is even more important when we get older. We must decide that the people closest to us must be people who are closest to God. I could gauge your spiritual development if I witnessed your best friend’s spiritual development. So are you around people who are motivating you to live for Jesus? “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another” (Prov. 27:17).

Thanks to Rick Hendricks for taking these lovely pictures today. He labeled them, “Travis terrorizes students in Due West.” Something like that.

I really want to encourage the Due Westers and anyone reading this post, if you aren’t in regular fellowship with people who are intimate with God, don’t expect to become intimate with God by chance. God has wired us to need each other to grow (Heb. 10:24-25). Don’t go to a church, plug into a church. Don’t be a spectator in Bible studies and Christian events, commit yourself to some people who see it as each other’s mutual goal to grow in Christ.


Have you ever wanted to have a group of people whose job was to belong and to be real with one another? At North Side, we take it seriously. If you would like to get in a C-Group where you could grow in Christ, click on the image above to register for one. You get start a group on Erskine’s campus on your dorm. We could furnish you with materials to go through. My C-Group discusses and applies the sermon from Sunday each Sunday night through our C-Group material. If you want to start something like this, you need to go for it. Even if you don’t think you need someone, someone may need you!

Accountability Questions
In walking with Christ, God has given us the privilege of sharing life with others with whom we can encourage and challenge. I encourage college students to find someone or a few someones of the same gender with whom they can be accountable with weekly in order to stay consistent in our Christian lives. If you don’t have this type of relationship, pray about someone with which you can be authentic and intentional on a regular basis. Or maybe start a small group in your dorm.

“So what do we do when we get together?” First, share prayer requests and lessons that God has been teaching the two of you. Read the Bible together and apply it to your lives. But further than that, you need to challenge each other. Please adjust the following list of sample questions, not to make it easier, but to get more specific with areas in which you know you need help. If you want to grow in certain areas, why not allow someone the right to ask you the tough questions. This list of questions I found in a book called Jesus-Driven Ministry.

1. Have you spent time with God on a regular basis?
2. Have you compromised your integrity in any way?
3. Has your thought life been pure?
4. Have you committed any sexual sin?
5. Did you put yourself in an awkward situation with a member of the opposite gender?
6. What significant thing did you do for your spouse and/or family?
7. Have you shared your faith this week? How?
8. Have you been truthful in everything we have discussed?

Thanks again for letting me come to Erskine today. If you want any more information on the upcoming book, Freshmen 15, a resource for college students, click here.

Also, if I could ever help out in any way as a minister, counselor, or listener, I would love to help you out in any way possible. You can email me from our church’s website or you can find me on Facebook. Peace!