Balance – The Rat Race

Rat RaceWe started a new series on Sunday at North Side called Balance. I got the privilege to preach Sunday the first message on “The Rat Race.” Despite numerous technological advances in our day, it seems like we are running more ragged than ever before. We rush through life and seem like we will never catch up. The tragic accident is when we are too busy to miss the finer things in life. We are too busy to enjoy the things God wants us to enjoy. It’s hard to do what’s right when you’ve got nothing left.

The main text I used was Jeremiah 2:9-13. When we replace God for a man made god and we allow that god to manage our time, we end up running dry. We end up unable to keep up. All because we forsake God for another god that cannot profit. The god might be work, recognition, approval, kids, leisure, or even yourself. If you ever allow someone else other than God tell you how to number your days (Ps. 90:12) and make the most of your time (Eph. 5:15-16), you’ve already got trouble.

I hope you did the application this week. Which loved one (God, your spouse, your kids) did you go to and ask the dangerous question: “If you could change anything on my schedule, what would it be?”

BalanceFor those of you that weren’t at North Side, we will have the messages back online in a few more weeks (our website is getting an update right now). I’m really excited about next week. I’m going to teach on what I think is the most neglected commandment in the Bible. There’s a good chance you might be just as disobedient as me, and we’ve got to change for our own good and because God commands it!

Sunday, we worshiped to these songs:

  • God of Wonders – Third Day
  • Holy is the Lord – Chris Tomlin
  • God of This City – Chris Tomlin
  • Better is One Day – Passion

See you next week.

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  1. Travis – enjoyed the message so much on Sunday. Have heard a lot of good comments about it. Really hit home with me. Keep on preaching brother!!

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