Submerge – Winter Break 08, I mean, Spring Break…

Wow.  We have done the opening day and now (Tuesday), the first full day of camp!  Everything has gone great at camp.  It’s Wednesday morning and camp is going so smoothly, it makes me a little uneasy.  I think it is honestly because we have such a great team of people putting on Submerge and a great bunch of students.  Here are some of the highlights that have been lighting up the Myrtle Beach sky:

  • Setup was easy.  We used Dave Wright with Custom Audio and Lighting to do all of our AVL.  We got bumped into some room that I think used to be a parking garage – not the best setup for a student camp.  But Dave did a great job of making this parking lot turn into a great sanctuary for the week.
  • Lazy rivers.  Yes, its true.  There are lazy rivers here.  Now, its been way too cold to get in them yet, but still the fact that there are lazy rivers make me happy inside.
  • Today is going to finally get in the 70s.  Winter Break is turning into Spring Break as we speak!
  • My buddy, Phillip McCart, Family Pastor at Elevation Church, is our camp pastor and he is doing a fantastic job.  It’s great to let someone speak into students’ lives whom you love and trust.  Even in the morning times, every student is fixed on what he is saying.
  • We had a “So You Think You Got Skill?” talent show last night.  We had two drum ensembles (it rocked our face off) – literally, Cory had to go find his face on the beach outside), two interpretive movements (one to one of my favorite songs, “Grace,” and the other was Alan, Edgar, and Taylor doing a moving rendition of “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion with a climatic ending when Taylor jumped into Alan’s arms), and one solo (Josh Babb rocking out the “Here I Am to Worship”).
  • In that talent show, Cory and Preston emceed the event as Burt Ferguson and Teddy Vandelay – two lounge singers fresh in from Las Vegas.  I was privileged enough to play the cheesy organ behind them as Doc Rhythm.  We did some organ renditions of “Ice, Ice, Baby,” “Jump Around,” “Sweet Home Alabama,” “My Favorite Things,” and some other classics.
  • Our praise band never all played together until Monday.  I’m on bass, Cory “Shredder” Wilson on guitar, Micah “Gunslinger” McMinn on guitar, Woody “Keytar” Nivens on keys, on Jamie “Thunder” Parler on drums.  The Lord has definitely united us together.  I have been amazed at how easily we have played as a band.  Before worship last night, Woody’s prayer really struck my heart as he said, “God, we can’t lead anyone somewhere where we are not going ourselves.”  Wow.
  • Keep praying for us.  Here’s some specific stuff on which you can pray:
  • Sunday
    Pray for God to prepare the kids hearts to meet Him and grow on this trip.Wednesday
    Pray that they will continue to build relationships and have an open heart to God.Thursday
    Tonight is the BIG worship night and the trip is coming to a close which means emotions are running high.  Pray that change will happen out of a true change of heart and not an emotional high.

    Pray for safe travel and that the decisions that were made will continue in their hearts and not fade away or be forgotten.

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