Easter Recap

I wanted to recap Easter morning at North Side earlier this week, but since we left for Submerge an hour after the last service, I was kind of unable to catch up in the blogosphere. So here, goes:

  • I haven’t received the official count for Sunday, but I believe we had approximately 2,000 adults come and worship with us on Sunday! I haven’t gotten the count for the whole campus yet, but that is an amazing number for a church that has 80,000 people in a 15-mile radius.
  • I saw so many North Siders sitting with people I didn’t recognize which means one of two things: 1) you invested and invited people to church, or 2) you befriended some people at the door and decided to sit with them. Either way, that was great – keep praying about in whom you can invest.
  • So many of you led in worship on Sunday!  Standing in your section of the auditorium, you led in worship.  You believed what you sang, and that made all the difference.  People saw that and were impacted.
  • Jeff’s sermon was impacting.  It reminded me why we do what we do – Jesus is still in the business of changing lives!  I wanted to tell you that we now have sermons online again!  We are working feverishly to archive the old messages, but you can listen to the  recent ones now here.
  • And if anyone wanted a hint at to why so many gave their lives to the Lord, could it possible be that some of you at North Side united with God’s heart in prayer and he changed their lives?  Thank you to all of you who treasured prayer.  We saw that it works!  This is only the beginning.