A Field (Images of the Church – #6 of 7)

Submerge Family GroupA Field of Crops
In another illustration of the church, Paul identified the church as a field of crops. Paul was seen as the planter, and Apollos watered the garden that Paul planted. More than solely evangelism, Paul had founded that specific church in Corinth. Apollos spiritually watered the church by continually discipling the members by teaching them the truths of Scripture. Paul reaffirmed that God was the one who caused the growth.
The imagery Paul provides concerning the church as a field of crops should remind believers that Jesus’ intention is for their continual growth. The church should have the utmost concern and intention of providing spiritual nourishment for one another in order to mature. Concerning the members of this garden, they had no “independent importance.” While they were responsible to nourish one another spiritually, they were to remind one another constantly that God was responsible for their sanctification.

(Picture is of Family Groups at Submerge 08).

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