Passion, Sermons Online, Internships – oh my!

There’s a lot going on today, so I thought I would just give you a lil’ taste of what is up in my world today.

  • Passion – we have a few spots left for the Passion Regional in Atlanta on April 11-12.  You can bring your deposit in by Thursday, but if you were smart you would bring it tonight to Fusion because we might run out of spaces.  Deposit is $25.  Weekend with Chris Tomlin, David Crowder Band, Charlie Hall, Louie Giglio, and Francis Chan.
  • Sermons Online – Our website is still going through an update process, but we do have North Side sermons online again.  We are currently archiving them, but go and listen away to some of the messages from the last few months.
  • Internships – Applications for summer interns at North Side are due April 15th.  We only have 8 spots this summer, so you need to apply and get it in ASAP.
  • New Fusion series starts tonight called “April’s Fools.”  I always get questions from this age bracket about God’s will for their lives.  Who should I marry?  What type of job should I get?  Where should I live?  If you are wanting any help in this department, join some other college students and 20-somethings at Fusion Tuesday night @ 7:30 at the North Side coffee shop.
  • SOOOOO excited about North Side’s summer plans!  I don’t know if I can officially tell yet.  But it should blow you away.  I want the summer to get here now so we can start experiencing this!  Stay posted, we are going to be the church…
  • I have eight people in my class thus far for Lander in the Fall!
  • We are about to plan for Submerge 09 in a few moments (we are either extremely organized or crazy…).
  • Clarity, clarity, clarity.  We need more of this at North Side.  How do we make our message and steps clearer?

That’s what’s going on with me right now.  It’s a great time to be the church!