Overshadowed Past (Week 3 of GBION)

God is a lot more concerned with your future than he is your past. Sometimes we keep a distance from God due to a sinful past. Some people keep God at a distance because of their self-proclaimed “righteousness.” But God isn’t concerned with yesterday. He’s really concerned about what you do today.

That’s what North Side was all about this Sunday. It was such a great day as we looked at our “Overshadowed Past” which is the third big idea in the life focus series, God’s Believe It or Not. When you start talking about people’s pasts, they begin to cringe. But God is a lot more concerned with your future than he is your past.

Today’s worship songs were:

  • Your Grace is Enough – Chris Tomlin
  • Marvelous Light – Charlie Hall
  • Jesus Paid It All – Kristain Stanfill
  • Grace – Silers Bald

I was actually running around behind the scenes this Sunday, but when I was passing through back stage, I heard North Side worshiping so loud that I had to come out and be a part of it for just a moment. I loved seeing the intensity on some of your faces. I loved the authenticity in your voices. If I love it that much, just imagine what God thinks about when we offer him true and pure worship!

northsidebc.orgDon’t even get me started.

Today’s baptisms were amazing! I love watching a visual representation of what Jesus had done inwardly in lives! Watching a father baptize his son was incredible for me. Fathers and mothers, I hope you got the idea. The most critical spiritual environment is the one in which you live. This is where we are heading North Side. Get ready…

Make sure to check out the ever-expanding northsidebc.org. Sermons are online, as well as photos, videos, wallpapers, and so much more – so search around. Even more stuff coming this week!