Why Fusion Has to Go

fusionIt’s true. It appears if Fusion is going on a sabbatical, restructuring, or altogether closing. Our college/20-something worship gathering and Bible study has reached a fork in the road, and we are going to have to take the next steps in faith. Before explaining why we are changing, let me tell you why Fusion started:

  • Back in 2004, college students and 20-somethings were missing in action in religious services in Greenwood.
  • Not many religious institutions were speaking the language or even attempting to reach out to this age bracket.
  • A group of friends got together and felt united to do something to reach this group.
  • We chose a neutral ground, a coffee shop, in the middle of town with the hope of getting people disillusioned or abandoned from the church.

In the last four years, we have seen:fusion

  • North Side’s worship change. If we were to create a worship service for this age bracket solely, it wouldn’t be too drastically different than what we do on Sunday mornings.
  • North Side’s community changed. Trying to do Sunday School for a random group of people in this age from Sunday to Sunday never worked. There was no consistency, community, or even expectancy. Now, with the incorporation of C-Groups, this age group has a group of friends to connect with that is better than any large group Bible study.
  • North Side’s mission efforts changed. There are more opportunities than ever to serve. This age group, if they choose to serve, has plenty of opportunities to serve.
  • Many students have accepted the call to serve on the foreign mission field.
  • Many people have developed godly relationships that have kept them during a pivotal time in their lives.
  • The body of Christ in Greenwood has strengthened.
  • People have been saved.
  • Lives have been transformed – all glory to God.

tim keelerSo if it has done so much good, why change it? Because we can use our time, resources, and people to do a better job to reach this group.

  • This age group doesn’t need another weekly worship service. They don’t need another weekly Bible study. They need to reach out to people far away from Jesus. And if we take up another hour of their time for an additional service or group, we may be taking them away from building intentional relationships with people who need God.
  • The unchurched does not come to us. We are called to go to them. The great commission was never, “come and see,” and is and will always be, “go and tell.”
  • Since we are living in a time when people just don’t drop in Bible studies when they need help, our attendance has seen more people that are already going to a worship service at a church. Most of them are involved in some type of small group discipleship. For the most part, these Fusioneers are living for Jesus.
  • But there are many outside of our Fusion meetings who are not. And we must start thinking about them.

So, what does this mean? It means that North Side’s college ministry and its ministry to 20-somethings is about to be better than ever. We are more focused, and I feel we are being led by God.

I just don’t know where he is leading yet.

Please pray.

And stay posted.

The best is yet to come.