1st Family Vacation

The Agnew clan got to experience our first family vacation over the weekend. A newfound friend of mine called needing a fill-in minister to officiate a family member’s wedding this weekend (the original minister had emergency surgery). The only hard thing about this wedding was that it was at the Biltmore House and our family would have to stay on the estate for a couple of nights.

It’s a tough life, I know.

We said yes. We packed up the Taurus and looked like we were moving Obie. To take him somewhere for three days is no different than three months! We were loaded down! But it was a great test for us. We loaded up and headed out. I had never been to the Biltmore House. We didn’t tour the inside of the house but drove around it and saw other places on the estate. It was a great family vacation for us! The wedding was fun, but it was really great just being away with Amanda and Obadiah for a couple of days in fun family time.

I love those two so much. I have a family. It’s so weird to talk like that, but our little family is having so much fun together.


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