Having Church in the Doctor’s Office?!

Just the other day, we were at one of our doctor’s visits for Mr. Obadiah and I happenned to see a certain magazine in the waiting room amidst other publications:


Under the Reader’s Digest’s cover on the vitamin hoax and above Golf Digest’s cover on fixing your swing, you can see North Side’s publication, The Compass.

We mentioned one Sunday that people should take these magazines to their work and around town so that people can experience what’s going on with our church. We prayed that people would pick these up in waiting rooms, God would change their lives, we could help grow them up in Christ, and watch them reach out to others.

So whoever is distributing these all around town – way to go! Keep it up.

Also, I must give a shout out to all the wonderful people that put this thing together. Jamie is ultimately responsible for the publication, but John serves as editor and writes all of the devotionals (that is a HUGE task). Cory, my lil’ buddy that’s been my friend since I was in diapers, does an unbelievable job at designing and putting these together. From the very first Compass we put out, I was absolutely amazed at how good of a job that he did! Heather checks the grammar and looks for mistakes (wear wood we b witout her?).

Anyway, just a reminder that we have a great devotional guide and newsletter rolled into an incredible magazine that stands firm alongside other big publications.

The current Compass will be the last one until August, but we are going to have some other stuff on the way to help with devotional reading. Stay tuned.

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