Kentucky Days

The family and I are in Louisville for the next 10 days as I take a class up at seminary.  I am working on another degree through the Billy Graham School of Missions, Evangelism and Church Growth and this is one of the segments I have to be up at school.  We have to do a lot of work before we get here (read 2500 pages, write about 50, do forums, etc.) before we come to class, then defend it all.

Fun summer stuff.

The next few days, we are going over the logistics for our upcoming dissertation that we must write.  We are talking formats, footnotes, split infinitives, second person, prepositional phrases, margins, and so much more.

Fun summer stuff.

Here are some notes from this morning on what the project will be like:

The project will be 100 to 125 pages.  Five chapters:

  1. Introduction – Lay out context.  Rationale behind project.  If you do proposal well, you will have most of chapter one completed.  We will get a very clear outline.  12-15 pages.
  2. Biblical and Theological Chapter – What does the Bible say about my topic?  How does the Bible help me understand my topic better?  25 pages.
  3. Theoretical Chapter – It is the most difficult to outline and produce.  What other information do I need to best inform my project?  That information can be from any area.  What can we learn from others to help my project?  (2 and 3 are research chapters.  You can’t do any part of the project until 2 and 3 are in your supervisor’s hands.  We assume that this information will change what you do.)  25 pages.  Practically, most people don’t attempt chapters 2 and 3 until after last seminar.
  4. Story of the Project.  Project is a minimum of fifteen weeks long to do in your current context of ministry.  Do the project.  Write the chapter about it.  Tell us exactly what you did from day one.  The goal of chapter four is that I could pick up your chapter and duplicate it in my church.  If you had a focus group meeting, how many people were there, what did you discuss, and what did you do?  How did the people respond?  Keep very good notes on everything throughout the project.  20 pages.
  5. Evaluation Chapter.  Did the project work or not work?  What would I do differently?  Did I meet the goals?  We will give you the outline for chapter five.  20 pages.

So.  I need a good project to do at North Side…

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