Starting Early

benjamin pettitWe had another great night with Impact Teams last night. I haven’t heard all the stories yet, but I know that my team had a great time. We had a bunch of new help last night (thanks so much), and I imagine that if you are like me, you feel more blessed by serving than you think the people you served felt! Isn’t that amazing how God does that?!

We had a great night with Mr. Harold who has lost a few family member recently and had plenty of health issues himself. A group of us (Austin, Howard, Sandy, Stuart, Benjamin, and myself) went over to his house to do some long overdue reshaping of his yard. As we got to visit with him and pray with him, you could tell he really just needed somebody to befriend him. He was so grateful for the work. We were so grateful for the opportunity.

Much props to Stuart for bringing his young son, Benjamin, with him! I couldn’t tell if I was getting teary-eyed from the dust or from thinking about my taking Obadiah to serve our world together one day! Benjamin got out there and did as much work as any of us and had the best attitude. I told him to make a pathway for Mr. Harold through his yard through the bushes so he wouldn’t get hurt, and Benjamin went to work! He did great. Actually, Mr. Harold followed him around and showed him some spots to get!

What a great night! As I was driving home, I just couldn’t help but to smile. Our church is being the hands and feet of Christ as we are serving this community. I love it.

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