We took a crew down the Nantahala rapids yesterday in Bryson City, NC.  It was Fred‘s birthday, and so we forgave him for getting us lost on the way.  It was just a hodge podge of people – youth, college, adults (Kyle stated, “uh, that means that I am one of the adults now…” – why, yes you are, old man).

I think I liked it that way.  It wasn’t a part of North Side, it was just North Side.  One big family.  We came together for some fellowship and ripping down some rapids.

It was a much needed day for me.  I needed something that didn’t require me to strategize or plan for ministry.  I just was the rudder on the back of the raft.  Just to show you how this wasn’t a tough rapid, I was our raft’s guide and we didn’t have to wear helmets.   Scary.  Not the helmets, me being the guide was scary.

We made it through.  Whenever we would get through a rapid, I would normally say something annoying like, “what can we learn from that?”  “What did you realize there about teamwork?”  Or, “That’s a lot like us spiritually, you know?”

Fun stuff.  I want to go again.

rafting crew