Mega Relay

I led an eager Impact Team over to Erskine tonight to lead the Mega Relay for Shake-n-Shine.  We had a blast!  Mega Relay is this crazy, intense team game of team challenges that come right after each other.  Leading the kids and the counselors was a blast!

I will say that God is answering your prayers – keep it up.  Connection was definitely there (prayer request #1 on your card).  They said they have had few problems, that the children have been a delight and holding on to biblical knowledge like crazy (prayer request #2), and that many of them have already become Christians (#3, thank you very much)!

We had a great time, and it was great to see the church being the church.

Man, this has been a great summer so far of impacting the world as the church.

By the way, we will be commissioning our Romania and Indonesia teams on Sunday (don’t miss it) and showing a Shake-n-Shine recap video.

I’ll hope to have some Shake-n-Shine pictures up here tomorrow.  Check back then!