Rereleasing my 1st CD

travis agnew keep quietWhen I was in college, I recorded a CD with Anthony Gravley at Addeybug Studios. It was a collection of songs that I was writing about my relationship with Christ and what he was doing in my heart for missions. It had the song “Hallelujah, O What a Savior” and others on it. Keep Quiet was originally released under the title “Too Familiar Phrase” in 2002 (the cover had some Chinese rabbits on the front – I’m serious about that actually).

Anthony and I did most of the instruments, but the tracks are also graced with the talents of Kevin Heuer (drums), Tasha Via (violin), Tim Keeler (vocals), Jeff Lethco (banjo), and Marci Wood (vocals). Yes, it is true – Jeff played banjo on this CD.

I made as many copies as I had money in college (not many – a few hundred), and I have been officially out of them for quite some time.

But not anymore! I had some college buddies emailing me in the last few months asking for a copy and so I decided to rerelease this CD in the most accessible way possible.

If you want a copy of “Keep Quiet,” you can get it one of two ways:

  1. Amazonif you want a hard copy of the CD (audio snippets are supposed to be up there any day if you want a preview)
  2. iTunes – if you want a digital copy or just one or two of the songs

“How can I keep quiet about what I’ve seen and heard?”

2 thoughts on “Rereleasing my 1st CD”

  1. wow. now THAT is a flashback. such great songs. it’s great to hear them again.
    it will be even better to get the new music recorded and in peoples’ hands !!!

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