5 Years Later

In completing a 5-year term on the Board of Trustees at North Greenville University, I am incredibly grateful to have witnessed what God has done during this time. I can’t wait to see what is next for the university where Christ makes the difference.

Political Pressure & the Consistent Christian

When a prophet was provoked by political pressure and a popular position, he resolved to stay faithful to God above anything else. In our lives, we must beware of adapting our beliefs to align with the culture.

From One Chair to Another

I was asked to serve as a trustee during a transitional time in North Greenville University’s history. As I finish my final stint on a 5-year term, our board has asked me to serve as chair. I was surprised to have been asked to serve as a trustee, and I was blindsided by the request to serve as chairman. I

Fuge 2019 – North Greenville University

My family had the incredible privilege of serving with Fuge Camps again this summer, and we got to serve once again at North Greenville University. It was a great honor to serve alongside an intentional and quality Fuge staff and be led in worship by They Came Running. I want to include some notes, resources, and updates from our time

The Mission [Fuge 2018 North Greenville]

I had the privilege to serve as the camp pastor at the Fuge Combo Camp at North Greenville University on June 25-30, 2018.  Here is the outline of the sermons I preached.  Pray these notes drive you to reflect on the truths of God’s Word as it propels us to His mission!


The Liberal Arts: A Student’s Guide

I would have loved The Liberal Arts: A Student’s Guide regardless of who wrote it, but I love it all the more since our President-Elect for North Greenville University, Gene Fant, authored it.  The book is the intro piece in a series that is critical for the Church and Christian institutions going forward.  Dr. Fant did an incredible job reclaiming

North Greenville University’s 8th President

Dr. Gene Fant, Jr. is the 8th President of North Greenville University. After months of praying and working, our presidential selection committee recommended Dr. Fant to the Board of Trustees today for this pivotal position.  After the board’s affirmation, we are so happy to be able to reveal who we believe God has led to Tigerville to lead in this

If the Lord Wills

Preached at North Greenville University – January 30, 2017 Sermon Notes Are you so worried about God’s will down the road that you are missing his will right in front of you? We can focus on the future so much that we neglect the present. You can be so concerned with God’s will then that you miss God’s will now.

Do You Know the Next NGU President?

The search for the next president of North Greenville University is underway and gaining serious momentum by the day! Do you know the next NGU president?  Do you know someone who you think would do a great job? You might have just the right candidate in mind.  If so, I want you to read through the presidential profile that our