If the Lord Wills

Preached at North Greenville University – January 30, 2017

Sermon Notes

  1. Are you so worried about God’s will down the road that you are missing his will right in front of you?
  2. We can focus on the future so much that we neglect the present.
  3. You can be so concerned with God’s will then that you miss God’s will now.
  4. You can be so concerned with God’s will there that you miss God’s will here.
  5. In our renewal of gospel focus, we can neglect the process of sanctification.
  6. Gospel in 12 words: God creates us. God convicts us. God saves us. God sends us.
  7. How presumptuous to think that I will live long enough to see all my plans come to pass?
  8. Tomorrow’s plans can cause you to neglect today’s opportunities.
  9. The plans of a college student:
    1. Lucrative Career – Why would a company give you an opportunity after you graduate if you can’t do the work before you graduate?
    2. Athletic Award – Too many athletes assume they can hold a trophy without hitting the gym.
    3. Missionary Calling – What makes you think you will share Jesus with someone across the world if you won’t share Jesus with someone across the hall?
    4. Church Vocation – Being a critic of yesterday’s church does not make you an expert of today’s church.
    5. Godly Spouse – Mr. Right ain’t interested in Mrs. Wrong.
  10. Each of us are just one piece of news away from all our plans crashing and burning.
  11. Until I understand that this life is temporal, I won’t live for things eternal.  
  12. I can either play the leading role in my earthly kingdom or a supporting role in God’s heavenly kingdom.
  13. When we attempt to make plans outside of consulting God’s will, we play make believe as if we had control of anything.
  14. How audacious of me to think that I somehow know or control my future!
  15. Promising future faithfulness while neglecting present obedience is sin.
  16. You find God’s will by doing God’s will (Rom 12:2).
  17. You discover God’s will by studying God’s Word (Psalm 119:105).
  18. You fulfill God’s will by promoting God’s Kingdom (Matt 6:10).