Do You Know the Next NGU President?

The search for the next president of North Greenville University is underway and gaining serious momentum by the day!

Do you know the next NGU president?  Do you know someone who you think would do a great job?

You might have just the right candidate in mind.  If so, I want you to read through the presidential profile that our team has put together.

You can access the NGU Presidential Profile here.

If you want to recommend someone for the position or apply to the position yourself, the process is detailed in the document above.

Applicants must submit a letter of interest and curriculum vitae to or contact Carter Baldwin Executive Search representatives.


Feedback Thus Far

I have been a trustee of North Greenville for 145 days.  I’ve been on the Presidential Search Committee for 58 days.  While that may not seem like a long time, it has been a full experience thus far.  We have had many meetings, and I have had many conversations.

I noticed that most people’s perception of who the next president needs to be tends to be aligned with each person’s specific passion.

As I have listened to feedback in many circles, I have come to realize that the perfect president for North Greenville will be:

  1. Southern Baptist
  2. Years of experience
  3. But not too old
  4. Terminal degree
  5. Taught long-term in the classroom
  6. Served in endowment and advancement
  7. Worked extensively with student life
  8. Been heavily involved in athletics
  9. Served at an executive level in academics
  10. Superb theologian
  11. Passionate communicator
  12. Visionary
  13. Practical
  14. Committed to the Big Picture
  15. Committed to the details
  16. Intentional with donors
  17. Intentional with faculty
  18. Intentional with staff
  19. Intentional with students
  20. Raise the level of programs, academics, and aesthetics of campus
  21. But not raise tuition in the process
  22. And so much, more…

I came to realize that not even Jesus could apply for this position (not because he wouldn’t be stellar, but even Christ himself would be vetted by many of these prerequisites).

People have just a few expectations of this position.  And some of them differ from one another.

On one trip home from Tigerville, I was overwhelmed with how everyone was looking through their own lenses and how we would never receive 100% approval rating for the selected president when the time comes.

I was pondering how limited everyone’s scope was until I realized that mine was too.

I have certain qualifications that rise to the top over other qualifications.  I have a set of lens that I am viewing this process through.  I have a picture of who the next president should be.  I finally realized that I need to look at this process differently.

I am praying to find the NGU President whom God desires more than the NGU President whom I desire.

I hope you can pray with me in that direction as well.

If you or someone you know would be a great fit, you can access the NGU Presidential Profile here.  Expectant!