It’s Birthday Time Again (27…)

That’s right.  Today is my birthday.  Please send me gifts.

No, you don’t have to send me gifts.  Unless you really want to…I turned 27 years old today!  Quite a feat.  I’m getting old!

I must say, while I am getting older, I have never been more content, joyful, and excited in my life.  May I count my blessings for you?  I’ll try 27 blessings today:

  1. Jesus Christ has forgiven me of ALL my sins.
  2. I love my wife today more than I ever have.  Next to Jesus, she is the best thing that has happened to me.
  3. I have the cutest kid in the world, and he sang to me this morning (he wasn’t even here last year – that’s awesome)!
  4. I got a bike for my birthday.
  5. I love my job.
  6. Our church is reaching the community.
  7. Our church is reaching the world.
  8. I’m getting to record some music right now with some pretty talented people.
  9. I get to work at Lander in the Fall and talk about holy writings.
  10. I just got a Sudoku application for my iPhone.
  11. I own a hammock.
  12. My Mac’s got a bunch of fun stuff open on it right now.
  13. I’ve going to eat Japanese tonight.
  14. Leviticus makes me cry like a baby when I think about how serious God takes sin.
  15. I wrote a song the other day called “All Things New” and Cory said it was his favorite I had ever written.
  16. My doctoral project is making me a better father.
  17. I’m going to watch “I Survived a Japanese Game Show” this week.
  18. My Facebook friends are really making me feel special with all the “Happy Birthdays.”
  19. I have a new blog look.
  20. My whiteboard is full with mission strategies galore.
  21. Amanda has decided to stay home with Obie.
  22. My CD is #129,467 on the bestseller list on Amazon (that’s moving up the charts)!
  23. Some Emerge peeps just sang to my “Happy Birthday.”
  24. I am getting closer on finishing my first book.
  25. I just drew up a sketch for the “Epic Shack” and I want to be an architect right now.
  26. I think Obadiah can say “Agnew.”  Either that, or “a-goo.”  Close enough.
  27. I asked Jesus to save 27 people today for a birthday present.  At His rate, He’s already way surpassed that one.  Thanks so much.

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