5 Years and Running…

I didn’t realize it until a few minutes ago, but I have been on staff at North Side for five years today!  The only reason I remembered it was because I remembered moving my stuff into my old office in the FLC on my birthday five years ago when I also moved into the trailer.  I moved a bunch of stuff on my birthday five years ago, and the next day, I reported to duty at North Side with a slight clue of what I was going to do.  My first job title here was “Minister of College Students and Missions.”  Things have changed, but my passions for the entirety of the work of the church has not.

Five years working seems really long to me.  It’s kind of a milestone, it’s a noticeable fraction of how many years adults normally work.  That means one thing:  I’ve got to get busy.  There is still a lot to do for the Kingdom and His church.

I love working here.  I love following a boss I respect and enjoy being buds with.  I love a staff whose main focus is the Kingdom.  I love working at a church that doesn’t get bogged down in nonessential items.  We don’t minor on the minors.  We major on the majors: love God and love people.

Our staff has had a hard year.  We are still recovering in many ways, but just because it’s been hard didn’t mean we ever thought about quitting.  There is more passion and clarity than ever.

While my boss is on vacation this week (I hope he’s not thinking of how he can get rid of me), I am really thankful for the time I have had to serve this church.  It’s been a busy five years!  I’ve grown so much, and I still have so much to learn.

Fred and I had a conversation the other day as we were walking to our cars.  We both looked exhausted, strung out, overwhelmed, and I told him, “I have never been more tired in my life than I am right now, but I’ve also never been more excited about ministry than I am right now.”

Thanks for the first five years.