Studio Video #4 – We Need More Bass in Your Face

Today’s studio video is of me laying down the bass on one of the songs on the upcoming CD. The song is “Made Me Glad” by Hillsong. We chose this song because it has been one that really connects with our church. It just seems to encourage heartfelt worship.

These videos are always being taken from my MacBook computer by the way. They are not great quality, but you are getting up to date reports of what is going on in the studio. As of this morning, Jamie is done with the drums, I am done with the bass, Cory is working on some guitar parts before we bring in the rest of the crew next week.

And don’t worry, when you get the finished product, you will hear a lady with a pretty voice on this track and not my baritone. That guitar and vocal is just a scratch to guide us.

Here’s my take on “Made Me Glad.”