Life-Changing Prayer

Today was another great Sunday at North Side. So much is happening around our church this summer, that every Sunday, it is like a celebration of what God has done in our midst the previous week (um…what an interesting concept, maybe we could do that each week…).

Jeff’s message on prayer was fantastic. God has gifted him in such a way to relate to such a huge group of people. His transparency, his illustrations, and his way of challenging us without talking down to us is something amazing. If you missed the message, go here.

We worshiped to these songs today:

  • Thy Word – Amy Grant
  • Marvelous Light – Charlie Hall
  • Jesus Paid It All – Kristain Stanfill
  • I Come – ??? (I heard this song at a worship deal years ago, and can’t find any information on it)
  • Make Me Holy – Travis Agnew

One of those songs will be on the upcoming CD…

I thought what is so interesting to watch is people’s worship. Did you know I can tell who impacted the world last week based upon their worship? It seems like people who are truly living for God and worshiping him through their lives find themselves really expressive in corporate worship on Sundays. Interesting concept..