The Living Word

Another great Sunday at North Side.  We talked about the Living Word today in the series, Experiencing God.

Today, we worshiped to the following songs:

  • Forever – Chris Tomlin
  • Holy is the Lord – Chris Tomlin
  • Magnificent – Hillsong
  • There is None Like You – Don Moen
  • We Fall Down – Chris Tomlin

We were supposed to talk about experiencing God through the Bible last week.  If you were here last Sunday, you might have heard a lot of references to the Word of God in the music, announcements, prayers, and such.  Then Jeff preached on prayer.

We had to go back to the sheet he typed up originally to prove that I was not losing my mind, but in fact, he was.  It felt good to know he got the weeks messed up and not me!

But it was also great to finally hear this message.

So many people have guilt associated with the reading of the Bible.  It seems like something everyone knows they should do, but they just can’t seem to make it a priority.

One of my favorite lines was:

“Can you tell me a bigger assignment than God working on you to make you more like him?”   Wow.  What a great line.  God used Jeff in a huge way when he hit on this.  God is changing our lives, and if we partner with him, his Word can cut through our callous hearts to make us more like him!  You can hear the message here.

Make a commitment or a re-commitment to reading the Living Word.

Today, was also a special day because North Side licensed Brian Rackley into the gospel message.  Brian is in my C-Group, and his wife, Carmen, is in Amanda’s.  The two of them have been doing so much for the Kingdom since he turned their lives around.

Brian is constantly telling me of someone he is sharing with, someone he is investing in.  He always tells me something he is learning, something that he’s joining God in.  What a great way to start a message on being obedient to God’s Word!

Also, Jerry and Lisa shared from the Romania trip.  You can hear more of there story here.

Hope to see you tonight for Baptism and Bruster’s at 5:30 in the back parking lot.