This Week’s Happenings

This week is busy.  Its busy with good stuff though, but alas it is still busy.  Here’s just a rundown of the stuff that’s keeping me alert this morning:

  • CD Duplication – The company mastering our CD and duplicating them is deep in the process of it now.  North Side Worship “The Time is Now” album is in mass production as we speak.  They had to fix a couple of the fade spots from track to track so they sent me a new copy this week, I approved it, and they are making them now.  Many of the songs fade into each other cause the keys are the same and that type of stuff, so I had to have it just right.  We are hoping they will be here, Sunday, Oct. 12th!
  • Lander BCM – I am speaking the next two weeks at Lander’s BCM.  I am doing a series entitled, “Make or Break” on the two relationships that can make or break your walk with Christ.  I am excited to be doing BCM’s first series, and I hope to see a bunch of you out there tonight as we jump into this topic.  See you at the Baptist Student Center at 9pm (man, I am old, this really seems late to me now…)
  • Harvestfest – Harvestfest is going down this Saturday at 7pm at the Connie Maxwell farm.  Gates open at 5 for free food, and then a concert at 7 by Todd Agnew.  Todd is not a family member of mine, but he was my worship leader at my first Centribreak camp that I went to when I was in seventh grade.  I was a bowlcutted hair-wearing lanky fella back then, and Todd really inspired me concerning music and worship in a church setting.  He was the first person I had ever seen use a guitar in a worship service, and it had a tremendous effect on my life.  Since I am helping with some of the production end of the Harvestfest, I intend on seeing Todd, and saying, “Hey Todd, remember me Travis, when I was in seventh grade, and we had the last name, and we thought that was cool?”  And Todd will answer, “Of course I remember you and your bowlcutted hair-wearing lanky fella.  You were the coolest seventh grader I ever met.”  It’s gonna be sweet.
  • Grading Papers – The first paper is due for my RELI 101 class today.  The majority of the class did really well on the first test, I am hoping they do well on the paper too.  I told the class that they either did really well on the test cause:  a) I am that good of a teacher, or b) the test was too easy.  Man, you should have heard the brown-nosing that took place after that one.

Those are the big boys right now.  Actually, this is a lot more manageable than what it has been.  I am excited to be doing so much right now.  Hope your day goes great!