Your Own Front Yard

What a Sunday.  I am still thinking about things that God was teaching me yesterday.  It was truly an incredible day.  Highlights:

  • Peak – Being led in worship by our Peak band is always a privilege.  They love Jesus and it shows.
  • CD Release – I was so thrilled to hear that so many people picked up a CD yesterday – I hope you are enjoying it!  If you haven’t gotten one, you can pick yours up at the church office this week or on Sunday in the bookstore.
  • Edgar’s Testimony – What a neat story.  God changed Edgar at Shake-n-Shine seven years ago, and now he is changing students’ lives around us.  Love that boy.
  • Invitation – We sang “Your Home” for the first time at the invitation on Sunday.  I was overwhelmed.  When I wrote that song, I prayed that people would worship as a family together, and what I witnessed from the stage yesterday was humbling and overwhelming.  God is really doing a work in our families.
  • Jeffisms – Jeff had some great liners from his powerful message yesterday, here are some I wrote down:
    “For a majority of Christian women, Beth Moore is leading them more spiritually than their husbands are.”
    “Many women look for a pastor to meet a need because their husbands are not doing their jobs.”
    “I figured that there is a man out there that can do anything better than me except for loving my wife.  Another man is better than anything else, but no man can love my Sandy the way that I love her.”
    “If I ever have to choose between spending time with the most important people in my life or killing an animal on a Saturday, I will be with my family.”
    “I know men who have tried to slay dragons for their wives only to be told by their wives how they would have killed it differently if they would have done it.”
    “If you are a child living at home, if you want to cripple your dad emotionally, then you show him no honor at home.”

I think the whole service was powerful as we focused on the need to start changing the world right in our own front yards.  Jeff’s closing illustration was powerful.  I was shouting and stomping in the back.  He spoke of when Israel was trying to rid its nation of hostile forces back in 1948, they began to evacuate the women and the children until someone told them to keep the women and children in the country.  When asked why, he stated that he wanted the men to remember what they were fighting for.

I pray for all families today.  But I really have a burden for our men to step up and be who God has called them to be.  Fight hard to live for Jesus.  Because it is your family who is in danger.

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  1. I loved that sermon! It was amazing, and it really struck me, because my sister and I had gotten into a big fight the day before at Parent's Day. I lov

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