Fusion – Chutes and Ladders Edition

Last night was a blast.  We were surprised to see so many college students and 20-somethings show up last night for a great time of worship.  I didn’t know where half of the people came from or who they were!  It was a fun night for sure.


  • Churches Working Together – Thanks to South Main, First Baptist, and Calvary Chapel for showing up and helping out last night – this unity was the vision five years ago, and we got to see a taste of it last night.
  • Fusion Band – The band was a hodgepodge of Lander musicians who came together to lead us in worship – they were incredible.  Leaders from different churches and ministries came together and led us to the throne!
  • Setup – Dave, Fred, and Taylor – They (among with some other help that came later) did an incredible job and making the Greenwood Community Theater turn into a house of worship last night.  It was an incredible atmosphere.
  • Fusion Team – Boyter, Griffith, and Hannah worked especially hard to make last night a success.  They thought of every possible detail and made it work so great.
  • Followers of Peace – Ngo and Dre knocked it out at the beginning getting everybody out of their chairs for a great night of worship.
  • And, then there was Jesus – Jesus just showed up last night and showered us with His grace.  I was a little worked up last night not knowing what to expect, but Christ did some amazing things last night in our midst – “The war is over.  Go home!”

Seems like the vibe is we will have another Fusion in November.  We will keep you posted.  Until then, join our Facebook group to get updated info.

Here are some pictures by the talented Cory Wilson for you to enjoy:

Countdown to the Start
Fusion Band
Evan, Zay, and Matt
Fusion Talk
Chutes and Ladders
Chutes and Ladders
All I Need is You
All I Need is You
God be the Solution
God be the Solution