My Stance on the Upcoming Election

As the election gets closer by the day, it is always interesting to me how faith and politics get intermingled.  Some churches and pastors are very vocal from the pulpit concerning issues or who they support.  Other churches don’t discuss the issue declaring the need for separation of church and state.

Our country is in the middle of crazy times.  Wars are still going on.  We are in a financial mess.  We still have cities devastated by natural disaster.  The concept of “family” is changing by the moment.

For me, there are a lot of issues that I have to weigh.  This election is my first as a father, and I do think of things differently.  I think about Obadiah’s future.  I think about his safety and security.  But, I also want to make sure that he has a father who maintains his integrity.

I have to decide this election year, which issue is the most important?  Am I more concerned about 401Ks shrinking?  Am I fearful of outside invasion?  Am I more concerned with the massive numbers of aborted babies in our country?  And depending upon which issues are the most important, do any of the candidates even have a plan to address the issues?

In order to vote, we truly must prioritize our values.  I have grown weary of attack ads and debates where you can’t tell who is lying about whose records so I just have to get to the facts.  Where do they truly stand on these issues and how do you agree or disagree with them:

What candidate do you agree with most on the issues?  You can actually find out here through this online quiz.

Regardless of who gets elected in a few days, I am assured by this one thing: I know who will still be on the throne (Rev. 4:2-4).  I know that no matter who America chooses to lead (1 Samuel 8), I know who is still the true King.  And no matter what happens in our country or in this world, I sleep well at night because regardless of who sits in thrones of power in this world, I still see the Lord high and lifted up with the train of His robe filling the entire temple (Is. 6:1).

And that is my most critical issue this election season.