Wednesday in Greenville

Serious Look in Chapel
Serious Look in Chapel

On Wednesday, I made my Greenville rounds.  First, I went to North Greenville Universtiy, my alma mater, and spoke in chapel.  It was fun to be back there and speak on Revelation 3.  I also loved having my buddy Micah McMinn lead worship before I got to speak.  He led them to the throne, all I had to do was give the Word after that.

After chapel, I got to hang out with some buddies at North Greenville, and spend a few hours talking with Steve Crouse, the campus minister at NGU, and just a good friend of mine.  I loved getting to talk ministry and life with him.  He is the real deal and has been making a difference on that campus for a long time.

After that, I drove over to FBC Taylors and got to spend 45 minutes with Dr. Frank Page, the pastor.  Dr. Page also served the Southern Baptist Convention as president for the two previous years.  As part of my doctoral seminar requirement, I was assigned to do a video interview of a leader (I had to use someone outside of our congregation).  Since I met Dr. Page when I was in college, I have always appreciated his ministry and life.  The time spent with him is going to make a great submission for my project, but it was also just great for me personally.

Got back to Greenwood, had band practice, and after spending a long time with Apple on the phone, it appears my MacBook may be out of commission.  Sad times.  Hopefully we can get some files off of it.  If not, I got the most important stuff off of it.  I burned all the files for my dissertation about three weeks ago.  Amanda kept asking for pictures, and I got all of our Obadiah pictures off the computer one day before it crashed.  Whew.  Saved me from some catastrophe.

Anyway, while struggling with computer issues, it was a great day.