Back at Work


I wouldn’t say I took a vacation last week.  I didn’t come to the church last week, but I worked my lil’ tooshy off.  Monday and Tuesday, I worked on my doctoral assignments.  By Tuesday night, I had completed:

  • Chapter 2 of my dissertation and mailed it off
  • Received approval for chapter 1
  • 18 pages of chapter 3 completed
  • 3 book reviews
  • Leadership paper
  • DVD leadership interview
I was tired, but I was relieved.  I don’t think I had ever typed so much in my life!
The rest of the week was spent trying to tackle man projects at the house.  I’m not that good in this type of stuff.  So, in between eating a whole bunch, I fixed some things and cleaned a bunch of stuff out.
Back in the office today, I’ve got emails to go through, calls to make, and a bunch of exciting things on the horizon.  Here’s some stuff going through my head today:
  • The Perfect Gift – this new series on Sunday is full of some incredible elements, I can’t wait to see how all this is going to come together
  • Date Night – we are laying the framework for an exciting mini-marriage conference at the end of January – this night is going to be stellar – stay tuned
  • Projects – there are a bunch of issues that need to be addressed at North Side that can’t find a spot in the week to week tasks, and so we are starting to look at some pretty big stuff and figuring out how our staff and volunteers can make a huge difference
  • 2009 – I’m just excited about the whole year.  Brand new start, exciting new places, etc.
  • Sermon Remix – Thought: would any of you like to hear some of your favorite messages remixed to some hip hop beats to listen to while you work out?  Hmmm….
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