Bad Church Sign of the Week: Semi-Annual Worshipers

This week’s bad church sign states:

“Welcome Semi-Annual Worshipers.”

This sign take around Christmas time is speaking to those people who only come to church semi-annually: Christmas and Easter.  In an attempt to convict them for their attendance that Sunday, I guess they decided to sarcastically thank them for coming.

While people who only come to church twice a year frustrate me (not because I am mad at them but because I feel sorry for them since they don’t understand what they are missing), I don’t know if this is the right tactic to get them to come to church more than twice a year.

Maybe, churches could blow them away with a compelling and passionate presentation of a living Christ that they would never be the same again?

Moral of the story: people – go to church more than on the holidays, churches – make church worthwhile to come to more than on the holidays – everyday is a reason to celebrate!

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