Culmination of a 32 Month Anticipation of a Sermon Series

Happy Saturday.

I wanted to encourage you to make sure you make it to North Side tomorrow for the new sermon series, “What Happens in Vegas.”

I have been anticipating this sermon series for over 32 months.  In a brainstorming session back in the summer of 2006, the idea for this series was mentioned.  We all loved the idea, but we kept praying about the right time.  Tomorrow, we kick it off finally.

You have seen the commercials that state, “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”  Tomorrow we are going to allow Scripture to debunk that myth from its throne of lies.  For what happens in Vegas, never stays in Vegas.  It follows you home.  Sin always follows you home.

Over the month of January, we are going to see how sin is able to ruin lives.  We are going to show you how sin always grows and causes you to do things you never thought you would.  Compromise after compromise, if you allow yourselves the freedom to follow where sin will take you, you will see your life and the lives of those who care about you ruined right before your eyes.

If you earnestly desire to live holy, finish strong, and not dissapoint those closest to you, come to North Side tomorrow.