Never Goes Unsettled

photo-2What happens in Vegas, never goes unsettled.  Many actions taken in Vegas require people to settle up.  God treats our sin the same way.  Have you ever wondered what God does when His children sin?

Jeff and the entire service attempted to answer that yesterday.  It was an incredible day in the life of our church.  I rarely hear messages that focus on God’s discipline of believers.  We often talk about what God thinks about “sin” in general, but many believers have a hard time distinguishing between wrath and discipline and natural consequences.  If you want to hear the message, click here.

The worship set from yesterday:

  • Sing, Sing, Sing – Chris Tomlin
  • Beautiful One – Tim Hughes
  • May Your Life Be – John Kennerly
  • Nothing but the Blood – Matt Redman
  • Jesus Paid It All – Kristain Stanfill
  • Come Back Home – Spontaneous Worship at Invitation

A lot of people were in our services yesterday.  Whoever you are, we are so glad you came.  And man, you people sang out yesterday!  It was loud.  Kennerly told me afterwards, “We were hoping you were going back into ‘Jesus Paid It All.'”  I thought about it, because worshipers just told Jesus how much they loved him yesterday.

Jeff asked me to play something at the invitation.  As I was listening to his message, I decided to just have some spontaneous worship.  This is what came out:

Come back home, come back home

Don’t believe the lie that anything in this life is better than Jesus

Come back home, come back home

Do whatever You must to remind us that we are Yours