Test, Funeral, and Fusion (Oh, my!)

What a Tuesday!  And that is an understatement if I’ve ever muttered one.

After giving a quick test for my religion class, I hurried over to the funeral home to conduct the funeral for my grandmother.  I was so honored to have so many family and friends present in honor of my grandmother.

In my message at the funeral, I recalled some memories of my grandmother.  My grandmother had a knack for turning any topic of conversation to the “Lord Jesus Christ.”  She wouldn’t say “Jesus” or “Christ.”  But she would always say the entire title.  “That young man was very nice, he must know the Lord Jesus Christ…yes, it is cold, but I’ve got the Lord Jesus Christ…ooooooo, no I have never done that because the Lord Jesus Christ…”

What a great testimony that no longer is her speech all about the Lord Jesus Christ, but her dwelling is.  In the end, it’s just Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, and then some more Jesus!  It was a great time to celebrate her life.  I told those there it is fine to grieve and grieve well, but don’t grieve for her.  Envy her.

After doing graveside, I went home and prepared for Fusion last night.  Since we started doing Fusion once a month, of course February’s date would fall on such a busy day.  But as I made my way into the Greenwood Community Theater, Hannah, Griff, Dave, the band, and a slew of volunteers had knocked it out of the park.  The place looked great and sounded great, and they were gathering everyone together for prayer.  I prayed for God’s strength cause I needed it, and he showed up in a big way.

After days like yesterday, I was so wiped out, but I cherished the blessing that God is giving me – he is using me in his service.   While there are hard and long days, there has never been a day I was without him.  And that is more than enough for me.