I Led Worship for a Bunch of Women (well, sort of…)

n176700893_30184704_9620I was honored a few months ago when some of the ladies from the South Main Street Baptist Church’s Women’s Ministry asked if they could use one of my songs for the theme song of their upcoming retreat.  That retreat was this weekend up at the Cove led by my good buddy, Ruth McWhite.  Even though I wasn’t there and they removed my voice from the track, I guess I kind of led worship for a bunch of women.  I’m glad it was just a CD that they were singing along to though.  One of my greatest fears is to be in a room alone with over one hundred women.  I don’t know why.  Even if they are nice ladies, the thought just kid of frightens me.

Their theme was “All Things New.”  I wrote a song of the same title over the summer.  Interestingly enough, that was the same time when some of these ladies were praying over what the theme should be.  One of my friends said that the video they showed before they sang the song had the exact type of wording in it as the song.  Kinda of wild, huh?  I love it when a God-thing comes together.

I still dread leading with a song I have written.  I know there are tons of better songs and songwriters out there, but I still do think there is something special about worship songs birthed in the context of a local church.  So, I’ll keep bringing ’em if you keep singing ’em.

We are actually singing that song at North Side on Sunday and I think it is being sung at South Main Sunday.  Isn’t that neat when families come together?

Thanks ladies, it was such an honor to lead you in worship from afar.  Anyway, if you want more info on that song, here are some links:

All Things New:

Get you a copy of the song or the whole CD if you don’t have one yet, all the proceeds go to missions!