How to Fix Your Wife

Today was week 3 in the Marriage by the Book series entitled, “How to Fix Your Wife.”  Since I was gone to seminary last week, it was great just to sit back on the keys and the mandolin, and let Kennerly, Eric, and the rest of the gang lead.  I am so honored to lead beside men and women that are fantastic worship leaders in their own right.  I know many churches that if one of the leaders is gone, the quality just goes down dramatically.  Not here, our volunteers know how to get it done.

Wait, if they can do it without me…Please, don’t get rid of me.

Today, we worshiped to these songs:

  • Blessed Be Your Name – Matt Redman
  • Made to Worship – Chris Tomlin
  • Here I Am to Worship – Tim Hughes
  • Make Me Holy – Travis Agnew

“There’s a man out there that can do anything better than me, except love my wife.”  -Jeff Lethco

The whole service yesterday was built upon men learning to love their wives.  I think Jeff nailed it yesterday through biblical exposition and transparent examples from his own life.  The part that got me the most personally was when he talked about the dragon killing.  He said that wives will often tell their husbands of a dragon that needs to be killed and have a husband reply that what they are dealing with is not really a dragon, it’s only a mere mouse.  But the point is: if it’s a dragon to her, you need to treat it like that and take care of her and learn how to protect her.  I know personally that it is easy to gloss over the needs of someone else, but I need to learn to be more sensitive to the needs of my wife and take care of her.

My C-Group really went after this last night.  We studied Genesis 3 and how it related to the breakdown of the home (or how the breakdown of the home led to Genesis 3), I encourage you to study that passage with those lenses on – interesting stuff).  I’m trying to be a better leader in my own home.  The greatest way for any man “to fix his wife” is to start fixing himself.