Bad Church Sign of the Week: Women’s Bible Stud

womens-bible-studI laughed out loud when I saw this church sign this week.  I hate when my wife puts out a description of me (ha, ha):

“Women’s Bible Stud.”

I am so thankful for that missing “Y.”  I don’t know if: a) the wind blew it off revealing God’s sense of humor, b) someone stole it to be funny, or c) the women’s ministry at this church has gotten innovative.  Regardless, that is funny!

This sign works real well with our current series on marriage.  I imagine this advertising would be a good church growth tool for churches if they had Bible Studs inside.  Women would be lining up to get a good Bible Stud.  Heck, I want to be a Bible Stud.  So men, are you a Bible Stud?