Don’t Forget About the Big Easy!

n77600586_30283671_8917While Katrina has been gone for many months from New Orleans, the Big Easy is still in need.  Thousands of homes and other buildings still lie in ruins as the city continues to try to rebuild.  While the news doesn’t reveal the devestation as much as it did before, it still is a reality.

That’s why North Side still continues to send people there to be the hands of feet of Christ.  From March 1-7 (Sunday-Saturday), North Side is sending a team to partner with a church in New Orleans.  What’s great about this team is that they are going to be actually working on revitalizing a church building so that this congregation can continue to impact the city with the gospel of Jesus (what it really needs).  It’s an incredible opportunity.

We still have a few spots available to go on this trip if you want a great way to spend a week.  That first week in March is Lander’s Spring Break, but for everyone else, if you can take a week off from work, you would not regret it!  For more info, call the church office, and ask to speak to Hannah or Griffith.  Don’t forget about the Big Easy!