Disciplined Work Ethic

While I have been in school, I have been blessed to have some great professors pour into my life.  One such mentor was Dr. Chuck Lawless while I worked on my Master’s degree from Southern Seminary (he is my adviser now for the current degree).  In a course focusing on the logistics of ministry, Lawless gave the class practical tips on how to stay organized and to stay effective in our current ministry roles.  Many people I had known had been unorganized people who accomplished much for the Kingdom, but they always seemed moving from one endeavor to another haphazardly. They seemed burnt out due to their chaotic lifestyle.  Lawless provided an example of a minister who possessed a shepherd’s heart but also a disciplined work ethic.  His practical tips provided me an opportunity to change some of my unorganized practices.

Here are some of Lawless’ practices to stay organized.  Maybe they can help you:

  • Handle a piece of paper one time (either throw it away, use it, or file it)
  • Don’t stack it up – it will get lost
  • Do not leave office unless desk is cleaned off everyday (don’t go into your office already looking like you are behind)
  • Try to limit appointments to 30 minutes
  • Learn to survive on less sleep
  • Meet early with people (before other people are up)
  • Do best to clean email inbox everyday (same concept – only handle an email once)
  • Return phone calls at a set time (or else you could be on the phone sporadically all throughout the day)

Do you have any extra ideas?

2 thoughts on “Disciplined Work Ethic”

  1. Travis,
    I’m glad that you remember something I taught — and thanks for the reminders that can always help me to stay more organized. I need my own reminders….

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