Bailout #1 (or why our country is in the mess that it is in)

While the United States is still working on how to appropriate the funds for our national bailout, we are still unaware of when or if this financial crisis will be averted.  If you watch the news at all (or gaze at your retirement), you feel the pain and realize that this national crisis is affecting everyone.

I believe that the bailout money will help our country somewhat,  but bailing out our country financially is like putting a Band-Aid on something that needs surgery. If this bailout was able to “fix” all the current problems, we would need another bailout soon.  The reason why our country is in the way that it is is nothing less than greed.  The symptoms of this problem are the mortgage crisis, the stock market issues, and the unemployment rate; but the problem is we are a selfish, greedy people, and until we acknowledge that, no amount of bailout money will be able to fix all of our problems.

When a huge percentage of your country lives in homes they cannot afford in order to impress other people, we will need a bailout because mortgage centers finally realized that the money wasn’t coming in.  When the majority of a country buys everything on plastic, one day someone woke up and realized that everyone is spending money on paper that is not there.  People own things that they should not have charged and they will not be able to fully own for a long time.

We can bailout the country right now, but if we do not address greed, we will be in the exact same place very soon as we are now.

Then He said to them, ” Beware, and be on your guard against every form of greed; for not even when one has an abundance does his life consist of his possessions.” -Luke 12:15

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